When it comes to life, Trust yourself!

It is with great pleasure that we write this message to you today and we are going to discuss the topic of self trust. Trusting one self in this current times of unknowing is one of the greatest lessons in self love that one can learn. The incarnate has been so used to knowing what is in store, what is in plan, what is coming and the reality of it is that you innately know yourself what you’ve planned for yourself. This is why it is so very important to trust yourself, let go of everything you think and trust the messages that us guides send to you.

TrustToday, we stand here, with you, with Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel of the Light and it is these messages that we bring to you as Steven himself is on the same path that is to trust himself and his own instincts. People look for answers externally when the truth of the matter, the answer is laying within themselves and this is something that many are teaching at this moment in time around the world for now is no better time for this to happen.

Throughout lifetimes, man kind has been known not to trust themselves and of all means this is very understandable because of people trying to shine their light are often told by some of controlling authority that they are not capable of achieving what they wish to achieve. The ego mind belittling themselves telling them they’re not good enough and most of the time, people are giving their power away to another as they look for answers and guidance, which is what this one has done as well in the past.

During the planning stage of an incarnation, the one that has chosen to incarnate will pick a spirit guide and it is usually someone you know from a previous incarnation or someone you can trust. This person that you’ve chosen will work with you and an incarnation advisor to develop your life path, you look at the lessons, you look at what your goals are, you look at how the spirit guide is to interact with you, when the interaction will begin, what the process is when the incarnate cuts the spirit guide off and what needs to be delivered when you want it delivered. Due to the density of the planet at the time, the incarnate will forget what it has planned on a conscious level but innately the life path is within you because of the bond that you share with your spirit guide. The spirit guide or best friend, as this is the connection that is most strong because the two (guide & incarnate) are bonded as one, you will learn to trust your instincts.

Many people have their own language, they have their own communication styles and their own ways of describing things but in the end, the two beings are walking the same life path, learning the same lessons, resolving karmic habits and are all doing this work together as one. It is this connection of oneness that you must embrace as together, both you and the guide are one.

So when it comes to making life decisions, we understand that as an incarnate you must talk about this with other peers, it is normal and it is strongly encouraged and we also want you to understand that you have this amazing innate quality within yourself, within your being and we want you to embrace it. Embrace the trust within yourself so that when you encounter a period of time that may appear to be stressful, remember that this is perfect in the design because this troubling time is to teach you to grow. For you see, the human, as with many other civilisations all grow & learn through these experiences and it is through these that you, as a collective, as a soul, as an incarnate learn to understand what to and what not to do.

Life is also about making mistakes, there is no incarnate nor spirit that does not make mistakes because from mistakes comes growth, from errors comes the constant flow of perfecting. The learning continues, as much as we do not like to make mistakes, they are there to teach us something new, to prepare us for something that will come up again in the future and had we not learn from such mistake, we will make them again and again and again.

Thus, why you need to trust what you feel, go with the heart, go with the gut instinct. How many times have you said “I knew I should have gone with my gut” or “thank goodness I went with my gut feeling” because you knew, you had trust in what you felt and had you not gone with your gut instinct, you quickly learnt to trust the gut instinct.

This is where you will experience that overcoming self-doubt is part of this experience, the trusting in the unknown because really, it is unknown to the human mind but it is not unknown to you. What you used to know is completely irrelevant now, it is the old. In a constant state of perfecting, what we knew a year ago is old, as we keep progressing, new things emerge, new things become available, new knowledge becomes available and this is visible in your world of technology and the rapid evolution of things such as communications.

Humanity has an amazing potential and they are now stepping into a time when things are going to become more present to themselves, that they begin to question where they are in life. Many will begin to question who they are, what is their purpose, what are they doing? These are beautiful questions to ask because it puts an incarnate on the path to self-discovery and this path of self-discovery will lead them to overcoming all sorts of situations.

Humanity’s growth has been a beautiful thing to bear witness too and as such the greatest challenge that many do face is in fact, self-doubt and we encourage you to believe in yourself, trust yourself and as you do each day, the light within you grows and you yourself begin to shine, the happiness begins to grow, the love for everything grows and as each day unfolds, you will observe how you have changed.

trustWhen it comes to life dear ones, trust yourself, you are your own valuable resource. If you need assistance with this, do not despair as there are many people around the world that will encourage you, inspire you and show you the way.

Be well blessed ones.

Amy & Steven of the Light

Steven North
Steven North is best described as a person that works across many fields, such as the musician, the therapist, the founder of the Heart Activation Music, the owner of Star Point 9, the channel for Amy North, Archangel Metatron, the Ascended Masters and so much more.The Ascended Masters refer to Steven as the Systems Expert, the Engineer, the Inspiration Consultant, the Activator.

Sharing the beautiful connection with Amy North (Spirit Guide & Twin Flame), they work together to inspire people to connect with their guides, walk their higher path to avoid the karmic “fate” and trauma. He assists with activating people and helping them to connect to their higher calling.Together, they assist people with connections to their guides by building bridges to the guides and embedding them, along with the Akashic Records & life paths into crystals. This allows the incarnate & guide to have a physical connection.
Steven plays with crystal frequencies in a similar manner that a musician plays an instrument or a poet plays with words, the magic of energy as music.Holding group sessions, workshops and individual sessions both online & in Perth. Steven is a consummate professional in the industry and welcomes you to join the journey.

“Since I have had the activation of my “Microphone to the Universe” Crystal done by Steven North, I am finding it much easier to quickly voice channel the words that come through me and am finding that it is a wonderful and magical experience, one that is filled with joy, wonder and delight! This crystal has the amazing ability to energise and help me acquire knowledge through a direct connection to the higher realms of Light and Truth….” With deepest love and gratitude, Marlene Swetlishoff, Author of “The Hilarion Connection©, Book One, Two & Three”

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