The OM Mantra (Album Released)

The OM Mantra has just been released and the album launch party is happening this weekend at the Bar Orient in Fremantle on Saturday night. This will be a good night of celebrations as we have even got a DJ for the night. Let’s see what we can do with the launch!

The OM Mantra is a big track in regards to what it offers, it has seven different crystals in it and it’s aimed and activating soul knowledge locked away in the incarnates energy fields. This was also the very first, full one hour long track that was created for the Heart Activation Music and used in the very first session of the Heart Activation Music, Group Sessions.

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The OM Mantra

The Om is a mantra, or vibration, that is traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of yoga sessions. Coming from Hinduism and Yoga, the mantra is considered to have high spiritual and creative power but despite this, it is a mantra that can be recited by anyone.

The OM is also the sound vibrations for certain souls that may assist with unlocking further memories. In this track we utilises the crystals of Onyx, Satyaloka Quartz, Faden Quartz, Dumortierite, Moss Agate, Elestial Amethyst & Clear Quartz.

We also utilise the the Binary Frequency of 528 Hz – Transformation & Miracles (DNA Repair). 528 Hz is also the frequency of Love.

According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything. It connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiralling reality of heaven and earth. –

The Heart Activation Music is the first complimentary therapy in the world that utilises the consciousness of crystals, spirit guides, ascended masters, light frequencies, spirit guides and binary frequencies all in one.



The Crystals

As mentioned above, there are a number of crystals that are used in this track and we’re going to explain what they do and how they help you.

Onyx (Centering – Good Fortune)

This stone is helpful for centering; alignment; grief banishment; good fortune; instincts; yin/yang synthesis; masters of ones future; breastplate stone; also brings properties of Chalcedony. The pieces used in this music is also attuned to the Archangel Michael as Onyx is one of the stones that holds his vibration extremely well. It is a stone that represents whom he is.

Moss Agate (Memory – Self Esteem)

The stone is helpful for abundance; self-esteem; communication (with plants/minerals); agriculture; “cloud busting”; acquisition of riches; speed in attainment; memory; American Indian Power Stone. Is also helpful for stability; persistence; grounding; manifesting dreams; helps to bring patience & inner calm; enhances all the senses.

Clear Quartz (Rejuvenation – Meditation)

The stone is helpful for meditation; spiritual development; Atlantis, Mu, Og, Zu, Lemuria; American Indians; ancient tribal cultures; diagnostic healing; enlightenment; spiritual communications; rejuvenation.

Elestial Quartz (Clairvoyance)

The stone is the “enchanted crystal”; Shiva; third-eye; clairvoyance; clairsentience; clairaudience; “gazing”; brain wave frequencies; communication; past/future lives. Also brings basic properties of quartz.

Satyaloka Quartz

This name is given to various Quartz stones gathered around the Satyaloka Monastery in Southern India. This stone is helpful for spiritual enlightenment; spreading enlightenment; communication; higher dimensions; pure energy; raises ones vibration.

Faden Quartz

Faden Quartz grows in a tabular form and has a thread like line that goes through it. This stone is good expanding consciousness; spiritual connections; relationship connections; internal connections; attuning to Earth’s movements; healing the ethric body; remove & repair energy leaks & holes in auric fields; remove attachments or cords from others; assisting with extreme emotional difficulty.


Dumortierite is a stone of order; enhances self-discipline; organisation abilities; release fear; bring courage; brings peace; boosts creativity & expression; raises spiritual development; contact with spirit guides & angels; peaceful mindfulness; peaceful meditation; can assist with clarity; reduces problems associated with a scattered mind & thought process.


The OM Mantra by Steven North

Steven North
Steven North is best described as a person that works across many fields, such as the musician, the therapist, the founder of the Heart Activation Music, the owner of Star Point 9, the channel for Amy North, Archangel Metatron, the Ascended Masters and so much more.The Ascended Masters refer to Steven as the Systems Expert, the Engineer, the Inspiration Consultant, the Activator.

Sharing the beautiful connection with Amy North (Spirit Guide & Twin Flame), they work together to inspire people to connect with their guides, walk their higher path to avoid the karmic “fate” and trauma. He assists with activating people and helping them to connect to their higher calling.Together, they assist people with connections to their guides by building bridges to the guides and embedding them, along with the Akashic Records & life paths into crystals. This allows the incarnate & guide to have a physical connection.
Steven plays with crystal frequencies in a similar manner that a musician plays an instrument or a poet plays with words, the magic of energy as music.Holding group sessions, workshops and individual sessions both online & in Perth. Steven is a consummate professional in the industry and welcomes you to join the journey.

“Since I have had the activation of my “Microphone to the Universe” Crystal done by Steven North, I am finding it much easier to quickly voice channel the words that come through me and am finding that it is a wonderful and magical experience, one that is filled with joy, wonder and delight! This crystal has the amazing ability to energise and help me acquire knowledge through a direct connection to the higher realms of Light and Truth….” With deepest love and gratitude, Marlene Swetlishoff, Author of “The Hilarion Connection©, Book One, Two & Three”

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