Photography – Year 2016

Welcome to the Photography page for the year of 2016. Rather than adding large numbers of pages to share images, we’ve created one page for the year that the images were taken in. King of like a story line. Whilst some galleries maybe added to posts and the crystals added to their own page.

We’ll continue adding albums as we continue throughout the year.

The Year 2016 via Photography

Fremantle, Western Australia (27.02.2016)

Being a youth in Fremantle, Western Australia, it has a lot of memories for me. From being there when I was a child, going clubbing at the age of 16/17 to the days of working in Fremantle myself. The city has seen a lot of my ventures and there’s a lot of history. It maybe a young city when compared to Europe but the city hasn’t changed much and there’s a lot to do over the weekend. The beaches are the best! Here are a few photos that was taken on today’s ventures.

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Bibra Lake, Western Australia (28.01.2016)


I have grown up in the vicinity of Bibra Lake for the majority of the life that I’m currently living and these photos were taken on the 28th of January 2016. This day was a day of bike riding around the lake and was able to enjoy the beauty that this amazing lake in the middle of suburbia has to offer. Of course, there will have been many other photos taken from this location.

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Australia Day, Western Australia (26.01.2016)

Australia Day is a day of celebration here in Australia and these photos are taken at a party I attended as well having a spot of DJ’ing along the Swan River. The photos of the fireworks didn’t work out but I was more interested in watching them.

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Port Coogee, Western Australia (10.01.2016)

We visited Port Coogee on the 10th of January, 2016 to visit the Dome Cafe and then went and sat by the beach they had there. There was a beautiful Pelican that was very tame and allowed me to take photos of it. It was a beautiful supermodel but I’m not sure if the looks it was giving me was good or bad, you see for yourself.

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Some Random Photos (Year=2016)

This album is comprised of a number of random photos taken through out the year of 2016 and some new ones get added every now and then.

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