[Random Musing] – 21 July 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘personal reflection’ and shared it to the public with the exception for those that share in the “Round Table Discussions & Heart Activation Music” sessions.  This past past month along has seen a series of spikes in physical, mental and emotional states.  There have been variety of different things that have contributed to these spikes and I will discuss these and begin to fathom what it represents.

Today as finally seen the sale of the property that I used to own, which was purchased back in 2004. Between then and now has seen many events, many experiences, many moments of happiness and double as much in grief and sadness. To have finally let go of this property should be with great relief but more so, it’s been of frustration because of the disappointment in not having what has been guaranteed nor delivered. It has resulted in having to pay for stuff to be reinstated so that the sale of the property to occur and none of this should not have been required. In truth, this whole scenario in regards to this one particular property and trying to sell it, has been a dog’s breakfast and brought on much personal growth.

The business employed to manage a property, paying for their products & services have let me down when it came to fulfilling their contract. Upon collection of the keys earlier this week, to hand over to the new owners of the property, it was discovered that not only were there missing keys to the front doors, there was also the security devices missing as well as every other key to every window and security door for the property missing. It was fortunate enough, that there was a third set of keys to the front doors which were given to the new owners. Because of this, it has resulted in the requirement of having to pay for all locks to be changed so that the new owners could have keys to the front door.

There has been a series of these types of events that have occurred throughout life, that when you pay for a service to be done, when you engage professionals to perform functions that they are experts in and not have delivered anything but the feeling of disappointment and betrayal does this lead further in not being able to trust people or anyone. That even when there are governing bodies in place, when there are contracts in place, people do not accept the responsibility for their own actions and others are required to pay in both emotionally, mentally and financially for the failure of others. This is not fair nor is it just.

When I worked in any position of customer service, the organisation that I worked for really encouraged that customer service and delivery of this, is to be at the highest level achievable. This has always been the objective. This belief even saw myself being entered into a “customer service” competition many years ago, where I represented the store that I worked at to measure whom will represent the district in a customer service competition for employees within the Hungry Jack’s franchise. This level of customer service is what was always delivered throughout all my roles. In fact, this high calibre of service is what I deliver to my clients today.

The teachings of professional organisations, of teachers in schools, the bible and other religious doctrines and non-religious texts speak about how we need to always be honest, trustworthy, true, genuine and to accept responsibility for what we do and not do. This is a common teaching in life and I’ve been told off by my parents as a kid many times for the same thing.

Even in today’s message, that has just arrived from Archangel Michael via Jill Harrison (Angel Guided Meditations) mentions.

Life has a perfect way of giving you the lessons you need. What you don’t love, you become, until you learn to love and accept it.

Thus, I look at this and wonder, what is the purpose of all the collection of these experiences, to be witness of people that do not accept the responsibility, that create more burdens because of whatever reasons. We go through the process of forgiveness because the people that do these sorts of things, have done so for whatever… and they appear because they are there to teach all participants involved in these experiences the lessons that come with them, whether or not these lessons are learnt then and there or some time in the future of the current lifetime or another lifetime for the incarnate.

Yet, when things should be straight forward and flowing with ease, they don’t always happen and it gets me pondering on why? Now this is where this begins to get very interesting because I start to look at things as they are planned, that there is no coincidence, that things do not ever, at all, happen randomly. That they are done so, in order to appear that it happens on a random situation. For example, not being happy with the outcome of the advice given by the financial institution, gave me enough funds to ensure the property sold today. Had that level of disappointment not have occurred, then I ask, what would have happened?

The experiences as to what is happening now, appear to be more in aligned with the greatest interest for what is to come. Yes, the emotion of being let down is rather… how do I word this… emotional, frustrating, bloody annoying. We assume that things should just work out and they don’t. So, it must be for another reason. Now, whether it is to develop boundaries, to develop experiences or raise our awareness or to learn to step into the authority that our souls are.. it is all a representation of an experience that is created in the perfection of life that we have chosen in order to create, learn, observe and grow.

There are so many different facets as well as perspectives to these experiences, of course, the human mind isn’t fully aware of these, this is where we must ask our beloved Spirit Guides to help us with understanding what it is that these represent, to give us the heightened level of perspective to be able to see what is playing out. To see ourselves, as a third person in this experience as if we’re able to practice detachment, from these experiences and to look at them as we would look at someone else’s experience, then we can see a bigger picture. All you need to do, is ask for the help and you’ll get the answers in the right time. Whether it be immediately, whether it be when you’re asleep, whether it’ll be in the next 24 hours… You will notice something.

For me, what Amy is telling me, is that it is more to deal with patience because things are slowly, in the right time, coming to an end, to help me be able to achieve what it is that we need to achieve together. We are given everything that we need by the universe in the right time, if you begin to say that we need to have more money in order to live comfortably then you won’t get it. You don’t need it… with these new systems that are being embedded into the planet, you’ll only need what you need. As an example, I will no longer need a home because of the travels that I will be on in the future, moving all around the world to do work means that I do not need personal belongings locked away in a store room.

Perhaps, selling these is not the answer, perhaps, taking donations for these belongings, so that they are treasured and are needed by another family or person or whatever, then that is far more beneficial that being in greed, trying to obtain money in order to buy more material belongings in order to be a slave too.

If this is what I believe to be is true, then we shall see because the goal for me is to become debt free so that I am able to begin focusing on the work that I need to share with the people of the world.

So as you can see, these people that are playing out a role in the grand scheme of things. This is why forgiveness is so important because these people are only presenting a service to you and that is to help you. I truly believe that we have planned the majority of experiences and lessons that have come to us, that have been created and as Amy advises, being a steward comes with more lessons, more experiences in order to help more people with their understanding and experiences.

One of the things that I have noticed in my own experience when it comes to life is that there is a form of balance when it comes to people that are in your life. It is as if we need to understand that there as there is the spectrum of light… there is also a very similar thing to the spectrum of life. Perhaps, this pattern of “spectrum” is everywhere… music scales, colours, sound, life, experiences, people… the list grows on and on. We have such a true diversity in life experiences, such as that we have with colours… it actually makes sense.

In summary, I have just noticed that it is almost 12:30 AM and I’ve not played the MLB 2K10 baseball game that I’ve rediscovered and am going to end this random musing here.. 🙂 Ciao for now!

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Steven North
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Sharing the beautiful connection with Amy North (Spirit Guide & Twin Flame), they work together to inspire people to connect with their guides, walk their higher path to avoid the karmic “fate” and trauma. He assists with activating people and helping them to connect to their higher calling.Together, they assist people with connections to their guides by building bridges to the guides and embedding them, along with the Akashic Records & life paths into crystals. This allows the incarnate & guide to have a physical connection.
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