The Necessity of Pause & Relaxation

There is great importance of taking a pause, relaxation, having a break in life and that is what this weeks assignment has been. To stop and rest and it has been rather challenging as the belief system of being productive is strong. Whilst I do love to take time out to myself to do absolutely nothing, there are days where I feel restless and need to do something in order to shift the attention away from the thoughts that enter the mind. Throughout my years, productivity was measured by how much work was produced.  I remember during the years of performing the roll of fleet management in a government agency, that the workload was rather intense and one would stay back late in order to be productive. During these years, there really was no time for rest and eventually, was consumed by illness. Amy (through Joy’s Readings) discussed the necessity of the importance of taking a pause to relax and here is the discussion.

Amy: I want to talk about the importance of taking a pause, relaxation.  People can get very caught up in the importance of work and they can measure their self-worth on how much they have produced, how hard they have worked. Working is fine, it is important and it is why you came to be incarnated but it is just as important that one takes a rest, there must be a pause in between work for reflection. I cannot emphasise enough how crucial this is to success.

What happens if you don’t take a break? You burn out, then no production, especially for the creative types. The only way you get to keep it all flowing is by knowing when to take a break, pause and reflect and then and only then will you become recharged enough to handle your workload.

Lightworkers/Empaths need to know this because not only do you get drained from work but you get drained from people as well, all of the energy and the connections. So that even when you aren’t working, you are still getting drained. The way to cure that is to get some time in nature or in whatever pursuit that slows you down and creates calm for you. Meditation is very very good. For me, it is gardening. Many are like that and it isn’t enough to just be in nature as I must have my hands in the earth to connect. I also enjoy the feeling of walking on wet and that connects me as well in the same way and many Lightworkers are like this. 

When you pause and reflect, you are also opening up a channel for your Spirit Guide to communicate with you. You have no idea how hard it is for us to communicate, otherwise, when our incarnates are on the go all the time, we can’t get a word in edgewise! Also this runs down your emotional state, so it is harder for you to hear if stress, anxiety, depression and all of those things are loud in your mind then our voices can be lost.

Steven: Whilst I had a vision of you running bare foot on wet grass. I agree that a person needs to take time out to themselves. To be in their own energy, in their own presence. Not just resting with another but to let their own energies unwind, to reset to their natural state, to cleanse. I find that I love my own space so that I am able to unwind and allow the peace of stillness to settle in.

Lately, I have been calling Sunday my Sabbath day, as that time to rest and do absolutely nothing is so very vital. I remember what it is like to be needing to work and work and work… always on the run. It isn’t healthy at all, if I recall, I kept getting sick.

I’ve learned to cherish those moments, where I just stop and look at everything around me and enjoy those moments. It is even wonderful to look through the lens of a camera to see the world in a different view, the beauty, the light, the love, the flowers, how all the systems works, to just simply look at nature and pause. I know there that is a saying “The universe will only give me what I can handle” but now, with this discussion, I see that we also need to manage our own downtime in order to allow that to happen, otherwise it’ll be overwhelming.

Amy: I do love walking barefoot in the grass! Yes, people will get sick if they do not take this time to pause and reflect, it is something that is needed daily, and then weekly, there should be at least one day to unwind and do nothing work related. I am proud of you for your sabbath day and I think that you should really have two but at least one completely free day is a start!

Yes, we you can overwhelm yourselves! We can over here as well, free will and all of that!

When things come in many times, incarnates do not see the purpose of the experience and they often play on fears of patterns to manage the event but it all comes back to setting those boundaries especially when you are self-employed and are your own boss. You can tend to overwork, sometimes take on too many other things or spend your energy in the wrong direction. Many light-workers are in position where they are self-employed and the tendency is to want to always be open and available to help. Set hours each day for when you are available but when those hours are over, you are off the clock, just like with any other job.

It is OK to have weekends, it’s OK to have holidays, it is OK to have time in the evenings or mornings to yourself, in fact, it is imperative.

Pause so that you can reflect because otherwise, you have no idea what you have learned, how you have grown and you will repeat the same things again and again, for no reason, if you do not grasp the lesson. The other side of that is to just let go and not even reflect but to allow for complete silence, however you achieve that, this is even more important and then the reflection is almost like second nature.

Steven: So for those that are self-employed, they need to manage their time as if they were working for someone else. Whilst self-employment is focused on… “How do we make the $” and must work to the bone in order to make it, it’s an outdated belief system. I will not make a client booking any earlier than 11 AM. To give myself to just stuff around in the morning, to sleep in, to just relax and not feel the need to stress and rush around as we would do so working a full-time job, having to wake up at 5 AM in order to get ready, rush to public transport and work all day.

My thoughts are that if we do not pause and reflect, take the necessary requirements to enjoy the time to reflect that we will be stuck in a loop until suck time that we learn the lesson. That sounds like it’ll just get frustrating and the person will up being very ill.

Amy: Yes, very good, it is about knowing when to give yourself breaks, knowing when your optimal time to work is and utilising that time and then winding down the day and allowing for that not to work until you drop or overbook. That is one of the main reasons people get sick, there was too much action and not enough relaxation and so one must get out of the mindset that relaxation is lazy or for slackers. No, it is for people that care enough about themselves and their incarnation to want to achieve the best results and to live longer and happier lives, nothing more, nothing less.


It was through my own experience working in government that I learned that it was necessary for pause and relaxation. After spendings years devoted to a job, working very long hours, such as 7 AM to 6 PM every day of the week and then working all weekend for no rewards whatsoever, I learned that there was no need to have a job and devote more time to it than spending time with self and loved ones. The only time I had to self was during those moments when I needed to work on someone else’s computer system over the weekend, running a part-time business.

There was another time that I was like this and it was in my late teens, when I worked a full-time job during the day and working part-time at night, 4 days a week, studying Electronics at TAFE on a Monday evening as well as playing Sport on Sundays. There was never any time to myself as I worked myself to the bone. It was all about keeping busy and I do remember the day of turning up to a Softball game on Sunday and people were watching me go whiter and whiter throughout the game. By the end of the game, I needed someone to drive me home as I came down with a great fever. I had no concept of pause and relaxation and it was only during adult-hood, after repeating the same pattern that it was important for one to take time out to themselves.

I cannot encourage people enough to take that moment to themselves, to just sit in nature and day dream, meditate, listen to music, whatever it is that one does and embrace the serenity. I like to call it… “time wasting” but it’s not really so as we’re giving both the body, mind and soul what it needs.

Also, if one is married, it is vital to the marriage for people to have their own time and to share time with each other doing the same thing. Discussing day dreams (as I like to call it) so that the peace and serenity can be explored and shared together.


Image Source: Photo taken by Steven North of Bathers Beach in Fremantle. Taken on 23-08-2015 @ 5:42 PM. Copyright © Steven North, 2015


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