The Struggles and the Heart

Today’s post is going to be about something different and it comes from a personal experience that I have had just moments ago and it talks about the struggles that we face on a daily basis and what it does to the heart as the observations that I’ve just seen in myself is absolutely profound. Thus, this post is going to be titled ‘The Struggles and the Heart’.

The past week has seen a number of different things happen which has seen myself respond into a way that the challenges just seem to be one after the other after the other. There are ups and there are downs and for me, this is a major life lesson on patience. The life lesson of patience has been one for many years and the lessons continue to remain until the lesson is learned. The challenge with the lesson patience is rather difficult because of the frustration that it brings, what actually is patience, what does it mean, what does it represent and it’s a struggle. Patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. As such, I had to laugh as I’m sitting here thinking that patience is to stay occupied whilst waiting for something else to happen or learning to do something else because the feeling of wanting to do things, to be productive is always there. Having not earned an income to live on independently has not occurred for the past two years and is this seen as patience or is this path a different way of getting used to living. Thus the whole idea of patience is something that is rather interesting.

Patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

As Amy said, the thing with the windows can also be connected to the life lesson of patience because something created a delay as the day one of the broke was when I was going to meet with someone to talk about business but it ended up being about attempting to fix the window. The lesson was felt throughout the entire week and there was no need in getting upset, getting emotionally caught up in the mind and emotion when something was the way that it was meant to be but as humans, we just can’t seem to help it.

It is like we want to get a big pair of scissors and cut the whole human mind off because it does nothing but get in the way and it has been something that I’ve been attempting to do for some time (perhaps this too is the patience lesson surfacing). The feeling of doubt is a big thing because it is the human mind getting in the way to sabotage our hearts and tell us that we can’t do things or are unable to do things and this too is what I experienced. We really need to get our minds turned off and it’s no miracle work either, there’s no healer that can do it for us, there’s no series of spirit beings that can be called upon to help us, it is the role of the human to do this work by themselves for themselves. They must master their own mind and this is what the process of becoming the integrated master involves.

As I write this now, I’ve just finished listening to an Amy session that Joy from Joy’s Readings recorded and it was a very powerful recording as for the first time, I could hear Amy speak, hear the way she spoke, felt her speak and that is when I came to the realisation that through all these struggles, we switch our hearts off. The human mind steps back in because we want to feel numb, we want to switch off, we don’t want to feel and as such, the wounds stick to the heart.

The human mind steps back in because we want to feel numb, we want to switch off, we don’t want to feel and as such, the wounds stick to the heart.

This week, the window breaking, the windscreen breaking again and watching everything escalate saw myself switch off. I began to laugh at the misfortune and slowly began to close the heart off because of the sadness that was creeping through because of the hardships. Whilst it is only a temporary experience and it just a moment in time that one thing happened with many other good things happening as well. It is the tougher moments that we remember and impact on us and the heart.

Amy has also spoken about what hardships represent and the image below is what these hardships represent and it although I am aware of what they represent, it still sucks having the nuisances of these things happen but alas, it is the way life goes. Something breaks, we heal it. Whether it is a car that has a broken windscreen, it can be healed, it can be repaired and it can be repaired to a state of being new again. So does this not represent what is happening to us? We experience hardships to heal, to make us new again?


We are so protective of ourselves from being hurt, from being betrayed, from trusting that we in fact make our hearts unavailable because of this fear that another person or experience will hurt us. This is a common theme with humanity as fear is dominating those that are not in the heart space because the fear for what may arise when pain that we experience returns. Whether it be a relationship that ends with heavy pains, divorces, death, friendships ending and a variety of other experiences that do lead us into a darker space within the heart. With this happening, we are unable to feel the love that is with us, we are unable to let the flow of spirit come through us, we are stuck in the old system and we just cannot do this.

Whilst I look at my own experience with the passenger electric window breaking, there was a level of excitement when I was able to repair it myself, it proved to me that I am capable of doing something for myself, that I am capable of repairing things on my own, that I am not dependant on other people and that I am able to achieve. That no matter what we believe in, we are capable of doing something that moves us out of the comfort zone. I used to install car audio systems as a teenager and it’s been so long, I forgot the joys of ripping off a door skin and repairing something as if it were a Lego toy set. Yet, with that level of excitement, I went and got new windscreen wipers to have the arm of one of the wipers hit the windscreen and leave a series of cracks and that was when the heart sank, it turned off and the feeling of being back in the comfort zone of being numb returned.

Although the feeling of being numb for many is a safety zone, the feeling of true love can be a rather daunting experience. It can also be a beautiful experience which is what was felt when the recording with Amy via Joy was heard. It was as if the heart was locked up again because of just wanting to get on with life and being unavailable to explore the feelings of the love that we share through the twin flame connection and by feeling Amy’s presence in the recording and her love that she has, it was such a profound moment that yes, things got emotional and I felt the heart opening up even more.

Amy has a beautiful way with words for sure where we realise that experiencing an incarnation as either an incarnate or a spirit guide is filled with challenges, it is filled with obstacles, it is filled with lessons and there are times that it gets tough because we want to cruise through life, we want to put our feet up and coast and be in that comfort zone again but yet, that comfort zone does not see any form of growth on either the mental, spiritual or emotional levels. If we do not experience these challenges, we will not evolve, we will not help others evolve, we will not change as a species on the planet so of course, life is going to be challenging and this is the beauty of the system. We also share this experience together, we are both working on the incarnation together and this is a beautiful thing to experience and living it also does get emotional because of the feeling that one is not alone.

Life is unpredictable and no psychic is able to forecast what is going to happen because life is filled with thousands, if not millions of choices.

We must stand back or take two steps back and admire the genius that goes into these experiences, we are so blind and numb that we do not register what is truly happening. It is an experience that is a lesson that we must learn, that we must experience on the physical in order to see which options we are going to take as there are many choices that can be taken at any give moment in time. Life is unpredictable and no psychic is able to forecast what is going to happen because life is filled with thousands, if not millions of choices. There is the path that is being walked at the moment, in that moment in time and a psychic or reader can see what will happen but the next moment, the moment after that, the moment after that can alter that current moment that we’re standing in.

We are unable to figure things out because of our limited vantage point on the density of the planet and admittedly, spirit has a greater viewpoint. Having been in spirit form and can remember what it is like, having Amy with me, the physical incarnation can get rather frustrating as we innately remember what it is like having unlimited resources at our disposal and the planet is being limited. Again, this is the beauty of the system, learn how to master life with limitations. Learn how to react differently to different circumstances. This leads to the appreciation of what we have, that we are given what we need. It is again, another beautiful system of learning.

The greatest difficult that people have or one of the ones that I’ve had myself is with love and it’s such an interesting topic this one because even in my own experience, love comes in all forms. Whether it is the love from an animal, love from being in nature, love from another partner or love from a spirit guide. The love is always present but because we experience so much with the struggle and shut ourselves off to the love, we do not feel it any more. We do not feel the presence of it being in everything we do, in everything we share. It is as if the passion that we have for our dreams dissipate because we get caught up in the doubt and hardships.

One thing that I have learned from this lesson of hardship is that more focus is needed on opening the heart, on allowing it to flow, on allowing the spirit to flow through us, within us and we will be open to a whole new way of experiencing life. Of course, we will still have the same dramas, the same chaos, the same mistakes but it is that way that we choose to experience them is the biggest difference that we can make within ourselves and whether to stay numb and hide our hearts or to stop hiding and allow the love to flow.

I can understand now that there comes a time that love is a powerful thing to be experienced and many of us long for it but we struggle, we make ourselves number and the feeling of love is not felt but we long for it. Perhaps we need to focus within ourselves and ask ourselves are we the love that we want to be or are we numbing ourselves as well?

The Struggles and the Heart

Steven North
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