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It was said to me by Joy from Joy’s Readings that I should document the visions that I’ve been getting as they are obviously in need to be shared. Ultimately, I have been keeping them to a select few and can could them on one hand. So I’m going to begin sharing more and more of these visions. I remember one of them, which I will share again as it was over a year ago of having a vision of Telos. In truth, I had never ever heard of this place called Mt Shasta and with my limited drawing abilities, drew something similar to a photo.

I believe it was sometime this week that I was getting a vision of San Francisco. I knew the place with the past life experience with Amy as we love to explore memories of that particular lifetime as we were together but this was relevant to something specific and as I couldn’t even describe where I was. I asked if it was ok to send the vision to Joy (through thought projection) and Joy recognised exactly where the place was and send me photos of the visions that I had.

I was planning on getting this “Visions Journal with Amy” up last night but the saga began of debugging the website, issues, file permissions. Then at 3 AM, I got blocked by the web host because of the FTP traffic sending false data. There were troubles everywhere and by all means, it was as if Mercury Retrograde had came late for me.

I’ve titled this section “The Dream Journal” as it is relative to something that Amy had described in her latest reading with Joy. Amy talked about the dreamtime and how during this time, we are out of our bodies, in between and that it is a fertile time to be open to receiving guidance. Even the visions that I’ve been getting whilst wide awake during the day have been profound and may as well create a new category for this.

When I began listening to the DEcoding & DEactivation of the Human Mind with The Elohim of Light, Meline Lafont & Steven North with Amy. I began to get a very profound series of visions, they were so vivid that I couldn’t believe that I had experienced something like this before. So as part of this post, I will write about, what I can recall from this vision.

Steven North Dream Journal

Vision of the Earth

Well, as mentioned above, I began to have a very lucid vision, the crown chakra was wide awake and this dream was absolutely real. It was so beautiful that I had not seen anything like this before. At first, I thought I was in another solar system because I saw a sun with only four planets around it. In fact, it looked like something very similar to the image below.

Alien Planet System
Alien Planet System

Yet, what was being said by the beings that were talking to me, they were describing that it was the creation of the solar system that this planet, known as ‘Earth’ currently resides in but the planet wasn’t created at the same time as the rest of the Solar System. Each planet took a significant amount of time to create, so they began creating one at a time and there were four which were ready at the time they ‘launched’ the system.

There were a few additional planets added to our system but what struck me the most was that they used the phrase “fellow Meldekian” which I had not heard this term before and believe it or not, there was this term called ‘Maldek’ as part of soul origins in the Soul Realignment manual. I had no idea what it was referring too but there was a planet that was referred to as Maldek within our solar system. This planet is now the Asteroid belt that forms a protection ring within our solar system. It was the left overs of a highly evolved planetary system that ended up feuding again and destroying the planet.

During this guided planetary walk-through, I also saw a very beautiful, large green planet, filled with an abundance of life. Again, I thought I was in a solar system that wasn’t our own but no, they said it was the planet Mars before, again, the planetary civilisation went to war and destroyed that planet.

Somewhere, I did read on the internet (thank you Google) that planet Earth created a contract for the souls on Maldek to inhabit this planet. Although, I’m not sure but it does make sense that a lot of souls on a planet that blew up is on Planet Earth and guess what’s happening. Humanity has been destroying the planet. It may very well be a repeat but I do not believe that it will ever come to this as there will be drastic measures made by the planet to restore herself, you know… Ice Age and all that stuff.

After these series of visions, the zoom point (as I call it) began to focus outwards, the planet Earth, was no longer looking round and the more I went higher in this field of vision, the flatter the planet got. In fact, this entire argument about the planet being round & flat is really redundant because from what I saw… it is both. It depends on which ‘dimension’ that you’re looking at. There were layers, dimensions, sectors or realms, you choose which word you want to label it with but there are so many different types of life in these dimensions and there are many beings that are helping this planet, helping the animals & plant life and helping humanity evolve. If one person told me today that they work hard, I would just give a strange look and just nod as these beings aren’t in physicality and work around the entire clock.

Also, one thing of notice within this vision was that time travel became so easy, looking forward in time, looking back in time, in fact, there was no such thing as time, it was like you could just fast forward and rewind. You could look at a life as a child, you could look at someone’s life that they haven’t lived and can see almost anything but the future is always not determined by this now moment. It got me curious to think that what if we had the ability to focus on what we want to learn, that we could travel back and forth between choices, make decisions and the ultimate decision that is best for our reality is the choices that we make in the current now moment.

It was truly an extraordinary experience in this vision and then another one came a few days later. I’ve also included a YouTube video that talks about the Destruction of Maldek. It’s an interesting video to watch.

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Sharing the beautiful connection with Amy North (Spirit Guide & Twin Flame), they work together to inspire people to connect with their guides, walk their higher path to avoid the karmic “fate” and trauma. He assists with activating people and helping them to connect to their higher calling.Together, they assist people with connections to their guides by building bridges to the guides and embedding them, along with the Akashic Records & life paths into crystals. This allows the incarnate & guide to have a physical connection.
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