Jenny Schiltz

Jenny Schiltz is a channel, wayshower, ascension guide and shamanic healer. She can communicate with other dimensions and help you to know what needs to be done within to remember your soul and connect with your highest self. Her main role is to empower you to become the walking master that you have forgotten that you are. She has one on one healing sessions and is trained in soul retrievals to help bring home all the parts of the soul that may have become lost due to the density of this incarnation.

As a child, Jenny could see and communicate with other beings and elementals. This ability was fostered by her grandfather. He passed when Jenny was 8 and in her attempt to find others to share her experiences with she was met with fear and disbelief. She shut down her abilities and locked them away deep within herself. While she was always interested in spiritual things, she did not allow herself to reconnect, instead, she believed that she had to rely on others.  She spent much of her life repressing her natural abilities, living a life that was considered normal.  Not honouring who she was left her in poor health physically and mentally.

She reopened her gifts by healing her inner child and working on the fears and doubts that plague so many healers. She connects with all levels from earthbound spirits, elementals, guides, and angels to the Galactic Councils. She uses this gift to bring messages to the awakening world.  She brings this gift into her personal sessions, workshops and teleseminars. To further help others heal she became a shamanic healer skilled in extraction and soul retrievals.

Jenny is a mother of 3 wonderful children who has kept her very busy and grounded during all the changes taking place within and to the collective as a whole. She feels that coming from this perspective allows her to understand the diverse aspects of going through a spiritual awakening while maintaining a foot in the world around her. She offers practical advice and understands the demands that can be placed on a soul in transition. She also understands the cost of not honouring our true self and calling and uses that information to assist others in reconnecting with their highest aspect. She strives to teach through empowering each person to be their own master, their own healer. She works in depth with the guides, angels, and masters and helps to facilitate the clearing of blocks, unwanted energies and to heal the chakras. She is also guided to perform upgrades and activations.   Each session is individual and tailored to what a person needs at this moment on the journey to becoming a fully realised and embodied soul.

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