Archangel Crystals Attuned By Steven North

Archangel Crystals Attuned by Steven North


By: Steven North

Each individual crystal in this has been channelled and attuned to an Archangel. Read further for more information.

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The Archangel Crystals have been individually channelled and attuned to each Archangel by Steven North. These crystals may assist with building or enhance your existing connection with each Archangel. These crystals can be used in grids, used when doing psychic readings, channelling, to have physically on you or whatever you wish to do with them. They are a wonderful tool to have in your healing kit, on your altar or in your home.

Archangel Crystals Attuned By Steven North

Crystal Frequencies with Archangel Metatron

In September of 2015, Archangel Metatron through the clear channel, Jocelyn Joy Thomas and provided information on which crystal frequencies and vibrations would be beneficial to use to work with each Archangel so that music could be created that helps people open up and received the energies of the Angelic realm.

Gabriel, he likes green, stones that are green such as green aventurine are going to help meet with Gabriel's vibration. Gabriel works with the heart and with communication, he works with fertility as well. Green is the colour of the earth, of freshness, of life and of healing. Gabriel is also fond of yellow, and can sometimes come in on the frequency of citrine or lemon quartz.
Raphael, purple and green the healing angel likes those two colors equally. Fluorite is an excellent stone for Raphael, he is one of nature, connects well with both plants and animals and reiki too. Raphael has a soft energy and connects with children easily. His energy mark is of a meditative nature.
Michael, black tourmaline, onyx, Smokey quartz, Michael is a protection angel who uses his strength to protect and guide others. He has a very strong, competent yet easy to approach energy. He often rescues or sends in help when people are at their lowest. His music track should be one that is strong and bold, his energy mark is one of safety and security.
Chamuel has a connection with orange or yellow calcite and rose quartz. Chamuel brightens the way, brings in light so that the path is illuminated he also helps with love, finding it, keeping it and healing it. Chamuel’s energy is upbeat and lively, but also calmly present so that you can find your way. His energy mark is one of peace, discovery and joy.
Ariel is an angel who is very connected to the earth, jaspers of various colors agate, tigers eye, bloodstone, any stone that is of the earth and represents her colors browns, greens, reds, are very good. She is also akin to light blue so a soft lace agate or angelite would complement her energy nicely. Ariel’s energy mark is strong and balanced.
I like many crystals, amethyst and quartz are going to work well, anything that enhances the vibration as crystals do will help. Lemurian crystals are also beneficial, although not a must. The reason is that their frequency holds something similar to the Akashic and that helps to align to me. Really any quartz crystal will work although the most powerful one that I prefer is the Lemurian. This is particularly true for the work we will do together, it would not hurt to have a Atlantean record keeper crystal too.
Jet is a good crystal for Uriel. Uriel does that have that colour about him, he is an angel of the night, not of the dark in a bad sense but of the mystery. He is an angel of very high vibration, he helps others to reach this to clear them so that they can raise their vibration. Uriel is part of the movement and should always be included, not every Archangel is part of it although they can all be called upon at any time - Amy North.
Archangel Crystals Attuned By Steven North


Whilst it is true that the consciousness of the crystals will assist you with connecting with those of the Archangels as specified above. We cannot guarantee that they will work immediately for you as we do not know you're level of development and are not responsible for such. Those that have used these have felt an enhanced connection with the Archangels and have been working with them for years prior to using these tools.

We have taken every effort to ensure that these are not some scam product and have been done both authenticly and genuinely. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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