Dioptase In D Minor

Dioptase in D Minor (Digital Download)


By: Steven North

Dioptase in D Minor is inspired by ancient healing modalities during the Atlantean Era and the song of the whale to clean, clear and makes space for expanded awareness within consciousness and healing the wounds of the heart.


The Sound of Whales to heal the Heart!

The Dioptase in D Minor song has been put together to help with clearing heart-based wounds using the powerful crystals of Dioptase, Tanzanite, Morganite & Kunzite with the binaural Alpha frequency of 10.5 Hz to promote the healing of the body and mind. The sound of whales singing has also been included in this song as this too has a powerful impact on consciousness.

The song of the whale is one of the most profound healing sounds of all. When the song is felt inside of you its vibration will resonate like a sonic filter for your consciousness, cleaning, clearing, and making space for expanded awareness. It attunes you to the song of the spheres, that which is divine.

It is also through sound that the whale–ancient being that it is–has become known as the Earth’s record keeper. It is believed that the song of the whales carries our planetary memories and tonal signature.

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The concept for Dioptase in D Minor was inspired by Marlene Swetlishoff whom brought forward the message for the Dioptase crystal and which music scale to use to activate the energy of the crystals. Marlene Swetlishoff is the scribe to Ascended Master Hilarion and is the author of The Hilarion Connection series of books.

The crystal Dioptase is a powerful crystalline being that assists an individual with releasing & letting go of feelings that are detrimental to their health & well-being. This also aids in bringing in cleansing energies of the heart chakra, higher heart chakra, the nervous system and upper chest area. Utilising the music scale of D Minor will magnify the healing energies within the crystal and same with the chanting. Dioptase radiates a beautifully clear and intense emerald green light that can open one’s heart chakra, enabling a powerful healing to take place as deeply held feelings of past hurts, emotional pain and crystallised fear are transmuted and dissolved. When an individual utilises our vibrant crystalline frequency, they feel more balanced and whole and this helps them enjoy greater harmony and clarity in their mind. The feeling of happiness and well-being is a constant and ongoing state of being.
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When you use this violet stone in meditation, you may be able to utilise the violet flame for healing. The power of the violet flame is known to enable healing within all of the higher chakras of the body. As you hold a piece of Tanzanite in your hand, you may feel the beautiful violet ray of light moving down from the higher etheric transpersonal chakras into the crown chakra. From there this beautiful violet energy moves down and into the heart chakra linking up all of the chakras. This wonderful and powerful energy is bringing through the power of the Divine Mind and the process of spiritual enlightenment. These spiritual attributes make this purple crystal a powerful asset to use for spiritual growth. Once you begin to use this lovely blue stone, abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience also known as psychic hearing and other psychic gifts may be both awakened and accelerated.
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The deeper purple-pink stones may excite the third eye chakra. When used there, it may stimulate the mind, and bring wisdom and access to past memories. It is also said to be effective for those doing tantric love and kundalini sexual practices. When used at the sacral or navel chakra, it may help to enhance your creativity. This variety will unite the loving energy of the heart chakra with that of the power centre or solar plexus chakra. This energy may be enhanced by combining it with either Tiffany Stone or Shiva Lingam. It is powerful to use for bringing the feminine love energy down to the navel chakra, for a memorable and loving experience.
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This is not only a stone for the heart chakra, but it is also a stone that resonates within the higher heart chakra. It will also align these chakras with the throat chakra and the third eye, to help create loving thoughts and an outflow of loving communication. Many of you may have deep issues from your childhood or early life, or even past lives, that make you feel that you are unloved. By opening up to the source of pure Divine love, you may allow yourself to heal on the deepest levels of your being. Kunzite is a strong stone that may help you to heal your inner child, and release the past, and any fear based around past issues that may be holding you back. Then you may live each day like a child does, open to the enjoyment of the experiences that come your way, and naturally excited at what life offers.
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The Binaural Frequency found within this song is 10.5 Hz Alpha which is the frequency for healing of the body. Healing of the mind and body unity and it is associated with the heart chakra and stimulating for the immunity system.
The benefits of using this album are:
  • Assisting with the recovery of depression
  • Healing of emotional wounds
  • Cleansing of the bioenergy field (aura)
  • Opening the heart to unconditional love
  • Embodying the Light of Consciousness
  • Clearing of consciousness
  • Creating space for exapnded awareness
  • Attunes you to the song of the spheres

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