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Hilarion (Digital Download)


By: Steven North

Hilarion is the meditation music that features the magical sound of nature and the consciousness of Ascended Master Hilarion. Using Clear Quartz & the binaural frequency of 3.5 Hz to encourage the feeling of unity with everything

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Inspired by Marlene Swetlishoff, The Rainbow Scribe (http://www.therainbowscribe.com). Steven has created a new meditation album titled 'Hilarion' which is the music heard in Marlene's videos.

[Marlene Swetlishoff's Review]

I want to bring to your attention Steven North of Heart Activation Music. We are collaborating on the making of each month's The Hilarion Connection© Update videos. Steven is doing the background music (which is wonderful!) and tweaking my voice. I very much appreciate this kind gesture. Thank you, Steven!

I am also asking those of you who love the soothing, healing background music on the videos to consider purchasing and downloading the Hilarion music album that Steven has created. Steven has a heart of gold and I do this to pay it forward for all the help and assistance he has given me freely. For you, it is a win-win as this music will help you align with the Hilarion energy big time!

[Song Information]

Crystals: Clear Quartz
Consciousness: Ascended Master Hilarion
Binary Frequency: 3.5 Hz Feeling of unity with everything. Wholebeing regeneration. DNA stimulation.
ISRC: AUWMU1800009
Release Date: 1 July 2018
Record Label: Heart Activation Music

[Ascended Master Hilarion]

The Summit Lighthouse writes that Ascended Master Hilarion is the chohan of the fifth ray of healing and truth. He is the hierarch of the Temple of Truth on the etheric plane near Crete, Greece.

Hilarion was high priest of the Temple of Truth on Atlantis, and he transported the flame of Truth together with the artifacts of the Temple to Greece a short time before the sinking of the continent.

The focus of Truth that he established became the focal point for the Oracles of Delphi, messengers of Truth who served under the direction of Pallas Athena for hundreds of years, until black priests penetrated the Delphic Order and perverted the Truth that had been brought forth. The Brotherhood then withdrew this service to embodied mankind, since people were unable to distinguish between Truth and error.

Hilarion sponsors teachers of Truth, servants of God, religious leaders and missionaries, as well as those practising the healing arts, scientists and engineers in all fields, mathematicians, musicians, those specializing in computer and space technology and those who work with all forms of media and communications.

Together with fifth-ray masters and the Brotherhood of Crete, Hilarion works steadfastly to draw their consciousness into a greater and greater appreciation of the full spectrum of Truth, which most have experienced only in part. To take them from a partial knowledge of truth to self-awareness in the divine wholeness of Truth is the goal of these brothers.

Hilarion instructs us on the relationship between science and religion, both of which are aspects of the green ray of Truth.

We can call to Hilarion and the Brotherhood of Crete for healing and wholeness, for the conversion of souls and for the exposure of truth in the media.

[Source: https://www.summitlighthouse.org/hilarion/ ]

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