Mai Tauna Piyar - Steven North - Heart Activation Music

Mai Tauna Piyar [Digital Download]


Mai Tauna Piyar - Steven North - Heart Activation Music

Bhangra was created hundreds of years ago in the region of Punjab in India. It is the traditional music and dance which was used to celebrate the coming of spring and Vaisakhi (Sikh festival which celebrates the harvest season). Inspired by the sound of Bhangra, Steven has created this fun loving song titled Mai Tauna Piyra.

"Mai Tauna Piyra" is the Punjabi phrase for I Love You.

The exact phrases are:

  • Mai taunu piyar karna (male to female)
  • Mai taunu piyar kardi (female to male)

In this song Mai Tauna Piyra song, you'll feel the loving energies of Vishnu & Lakshmi.

We also use the theta binary frequency of 5.5 Hz.

5.5 Hz Theta Waves assists with: Moves beyond knowledge to knowing (total knowing), shows vision of needed growth and direction, inner guidance and readiness to evolve spiritually, intuition, heat generation, enhance learning

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Song Information

Crystals: Clear Quartz
Consciousness: Amy North, Vishnu, Lakshmi
Binary Frequency: 5.5 Hz Theta Waves
Release Date: Thursday, 19 July 2018
Artist: Steven North
Genre: New Age, World Music

Radio stations that have played this release

Voice of the Avon - 101.3 FM, Avon Region, WA AU