Manifesting Love &Amp; Abundance Crystal Grid

Manifesting Love & Abundance Crystal Grid


By: Steven North

The Crystal Grid to bring in the energies of unconditional love, joy, happiness and abundance using the consciousness of crystals.

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Manifesting Love &Amp; Abundance Crystal Grid

Manifesting Love & Abundance Grid

This Crystal Grid is designed to bring in the energies of unconditional love, joy, happiness, abundance and assist with transformation of older stagnant energies and emotions. Each crystal carries a specific vibration, a specific energy, their own metaphysical properties and then we've also added the programming for each crystal to perform a certain role within the crystal grid. The colour pink is also the energetic frequency of love, it is a transformational energy of pure unconditional love. Steven North has also coded the Rose Quartz to that of Archangel Chamuel.

Manifesting Love &Amp; Abundance Crystal Grid

The Crystals

Rose Quartz, is a stone of masculine energy and is known as the 'love stone' as it emits a gentle but yet strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and healing. It resonates with that of the heart and the higher heart chakra. This crystal is also one that is of Archangel Chamuel, who brings in light so that the path is illuminated, he also helps with love, finding it, keeping it and healing it. Chamuel's energy is upbeat and lively, but also calmly present so that you can find your way. His energy mark is one of peace, discovery and joy.

This piece is the primary crystal in the grid. It holds the frequency/vibration of all the other crystals.

This crystal has also been attuned to that of Archangel Chamuel.
Archangel Chamuel is the angel of love and can be called on to help with all aspects of love and loss. Chamuel can assist with improving your own loving and caring relationships with others and to develop strong foundations in a way that they can be healthy, full of meaning and long-lasting.
Citrine Quartz, is a stone of joy, good fortune, success, prosperity, happiness and is representative of the Solar Plexus chakra and is able to assist with increasing, magnifying and clarifying personal power and energy. It is also a great stone to combat energies that aren't that lovely and by using the energy of Joy and Abundance, it helps dissipate these as such.

We've introduced this particular crystal into this grid to bring joy, happiness and abundance into the relationships so that they are filled with divine moments as well as being of assistance in making those troublesome moments easier to deal with.

The formation of these crystals has been placed in a formation that is commonly referred to as 'Power of 3'.
Peach Selenite & Selenite, Peach Selenite is exactly the same as Selenite with the exception that the Peach aspect assists with the transformation of old emotional wounds and transforms these wounds into a state of healing, acceptance and forgiveness. Selenite is also a stone of clarity, clearing confusion and brings in a deep peace. This stone is also used to enhance the angelic connection and introducing guidance. It also is a stone that is commonly used to dispel energies from other crystals and dispels any form of negative energy of thoughts.

These pieces were specifically used in this grid for their abilities to transform emotions and energy. Being a stone that does not ever need to be charged or cleared of energies and it helps other crystals clear their energies from negative influences. This way this crystal grid is constantly clearing and transmuting any energies that maybe influencing a relationship.
Pink Opalite, is a crystal that represents a peace and tranquillity and the energies of the crystal are great for healing emotions. The pink within the crystal brings in compassion and a gentle resolution of any pain. It too resonates with the Heart Chakra and is said to be a stone of love. The meaning of Pink Opal is about fostering love, passion, loyalty, faithfulness, emotional expressiveness, peace and consciousness. It is also an emotionally responsive stone and said to be the most powerful of healing stones, the stone of hope, the stone of great achievement and even the 'stone of the gods'.

Using the four Pink Opal crystals in this grid was the inspiration and the most important crystal in the grid. To allow these beautiful energies to emerge as well as be responsive to any emotions that may arise. Thus the necessity to add both Selenite & Peach Selenite to support the Pink Opal in its functions.

The Formation

The Formation of the grid took some time to figure out in order to balance out the energies correctly. The initial design utilised the 'power of 3' for both the Citrine and the Pink Opalite but it didn't feel correct energetically and it was a necessity for the four pieces of Pink Opalite to be added. The three pieces of Citrine and the two pieces of Peach Selenite form the shape of a 5 point star to balance the energies on the outer circle of the grid with the Pink Opalite being in a grid formation with the White Selenite being slightly out. For those that purchase it, you are able to place it in your own formation if you feel like it should.

Further Information

We'll provide an overview of the formation layout on how we suggest placing the crystals.

The Crystal Grid cloth that is seen in the images will not be provided. They can be purchased from CrystalGrids.

We'd also like to mention that as there are six grids available for purchase, not all the crystals will be the same as represented in the pictures. The photos are taken of one of the crystal grid packages and as they are raw pieces and aren't cut by a machine or polished to be the same. They will slightly differ.

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