Moonchild'S Dream Heart Activation Music By Steven North

Moonchild’s Dream (Digital Download)


By: Steven North

Balance both the feminine & masculine energy with Moonchild’s Dream and be inspired to walk the path towards freedom and not walking in conformity.


Balance the Feminine!

Moonchild's Dream is a song that is devoted to one of Steven's guides. The name Moonchild inspires freedom of the path and not walking in conformity.

Moonchild is an indigenous guide from the Apache tribe and is meant to keep Steven on his path. She is kind in heart but fierce in spirit, a warrior energy and yet very soft at times too, nurturing and has black hair with a painted face at times. Moonchild is both masculine and feminine and she is a strong symbol of balance.

Moonchild's Dream is about the female warrior and it aids with the balance of the feminine in both men and women. It is about knowing your life path more than anything and you cannot achieve this if you are not balanced. Steven and Moonchild share a past life connect

Onyx - Archangel Michael
Onyx is helpful for centering; alignment; grief banishment; good fortune; instincts; yin/yang synthesis; masters of one's future; breastplate stone; also brings properties of Chalcedony. The pieces used in this music is also attuned to the Archangel Michael as Onyx is one of the stones that holds his vibration extremely well. It is a stone that represents whom he is.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz is a stone that is helpful for meditation; spiritual development; Atlantis, Mu, Og, Zu, Lemuria; American Indians; ancient tribal cultures; diagnostic healing; enlightenment; spiritual communications; rejuvenation. Clear Quartz is used within the Heart Activation Music to store information as it is a great crystal not just to amplify others but to hold code that is embedded into the crystals. Later tracks within the Heart Activation Music use different pieces of Clear Quartz as vessels for specific Ascended Masters.

Sodalite carries a strong vibration that assists with communication and may be of assistance with public speaking. It is a stone that is known for its wearer to bring forward a deeper understanding of truth & idealism. It assists with one self-expression, confidence, self-worth, self-acceptance and self-esteem. Sodalite helps achieve emotional balance, releasing old conditioning and programming of the past. It is referred to as the stone of awakening.

Satyaloka Quartz
Satyaloka Quartz is a name that is given to various Quartz stones gathered around the Satyaloka Monastery in Southern India. This stone is helpful for spiritual enlightenment; spreading enlightenment; communication; higher dimensions; pure energy; raises one's vibration.

The Binaural Frequency found within this song is 183.58 Hz which is the frequency that is associated with Jupiter. It helps support continuous personal growth, success, spirituality, creativity and justice. When you listen to this track think about your purpose in life.

Jupiter has a rotation time of a little less than 12 years and oscillates in the 36th octave with F# of 183.58 Hz. The corresponding colour is a red with a wavelength of about 740 Nanometers. Jupiter is the largest of all planets and is situated right in the middle of the presently known planets. Jupiter is traditionally associated with Sagittarius.

Generosity, continuity, magnanimity and joviality are characteristic of Jupiter. It stands for philosophical and material creativity.
Here are some of the benefits of listening to Amy's Divine Love;
  • Assisting with the recovery of depression
  • Healing of emotional wounds
  • Cleansing of the bioenergy field (aura)
  • Opening the heart to unconditional love
  • Embodying the Light of Consciousness
  • Supports continous personal growth
  • Aids with success, spirituality and creativity
  • Inspiration to walk the life path without conformity
  • Balance of the feminine
  • Apache warrioress connection

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