Spirit Guide Crystal By Steven North

Spirit Guide & Life Path Crystal


By: Steven North

Connect to your Spirit Guide via a personally attuned crystal by Steven & Amy North. Gain access to your own Akashic Records, Life Path and discover more about yourself.

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Spirit Guide & Life Path Crystal

A crystal that helps you connect with your own Spirit Guide & Life Path

The Spirit Guide Crystal by Steven & Amy North is an extraordinary new way to connect with your own Spirit Guide (SG) and expand on existing methods of communication with them. This crystal not only contains a direct connection with the SG but it also incorporates more information about you.

Prior to incarnating, we sit down with an advisor and our SG to plan our life on this planet, during the incarnation process, we forget this plan and it is the role of the SG to help us achieve what we want to achieve. Through this crystal, you will gain access to this plan as well as direct access to your own Akashic records so that you can discover more about yourself. This will also help you with engaging and living our higher path. The information contained within the crystal is given to you at the moment that is relevant to the 'now', future information will not necessarily be accessible.

When ordering these pieces, please provide your full name, date of birth and photo. When preparing the crystals, I will connect into the energies of the person in order to link the connection of the guides to their incarnate and obtain the information. Please note that I will not know your life path at all. As the information is being channelled into the crystal is done so through an unconscious connection through my guide.

The process of programming the Spirit Guide crystals is time-consuming, there is much preparation required and the YouTube video describes the process that is involved. The cost reflects the time and effort that is put into the programming aspect. Whilst the preparation stage can take approximately 3 days, the programming aspect can be between 30 minutes to an hour.

You will receive a photo of the crystal prior to the coding, an audio recording of the session, a photo of the crystal after the coding and a PDF document that explains how to recharge the crystal with your SG and some information on Spirit Guides.


Testimony on the Spirit Guide Crystal

First of all, Mr. North's customer service is exceptional. He was so interactive about my order and informed me about my crystal as he was working with it! I am sincerely grateful for his efforts in helping me feel truly connected. I'm pretty terrible at meditation, to be honest, but as someone who constantly struggles with anxiety and a racing mind, holding my crystal instantly calms me down and helps me feel like I'm "taken care of" by something greater than myself and for that, I cannot give thanks enough to Mr. North and what he does :).
Samaa Ali

Spirit Guide Crystal Programming by Steven North with Amy

Amy North via Jocelyn Joy Thomas on the topic of Spirit Guides

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