The Insatiable Lust for Life Podcast [Episode 2]

The July edition of The Insatiable Lust for Life podcast is out and I will admit, this is a very interesting exercise to be comfortable with speaking about various topics. With recent exercises in voice channelling Amy and a group, the evolution of these podcasts will be amazing to watch.

In this episode, I talk about the purpose of “TILFL” podcast, what you can do to get involved and discuss a number of topics as I begin to talk about a few different topics. I find that I’m bringing the series of thoughts back to a bigger topic that is known as “The Fear of Acceptance of Self” and looking at to what it actually means. I began writing it but wanted to focus on talking about it as it was much easier, with the following dot points as topics, we take a journey into also my own story.

I had planned to discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • What the podcast is about
  • Ideas of the Order of Melchizedek
  • Fear of Accepting Self

There are a few other random tidbits I mention as well. Really happy with how it came out.

Urantia Reference to 24 Members

57:8.7 (661.1) 900,000,000 years ago witnessed the arrival on Urantia of the first Satania scouting party sent out from Jerusem to examine the planet and make a report on its adaptation for a life-experiment station. This commission consisted of twenty-four members, embracing Life Carriers, Lanonandek Sons, Melchizedeks, seraphim, and other orders of celestial life having to do with the early days of planetary organization and administration.

Website Links

Here are the links about the people/websites that I mention in this post.

Steven North
Steven North is best described as a person that works across many fields, such as the musician, the therapist, the founder of the Heart Activation Music, the owner of Star Point 9, the channel for Amy North, Archangel Metatron, the Ascended Masters and so much more.The Ascended Masters refer to Steven as the Systems Expert, the Engineer, the Inspiration Consultant, the Activator.

Sharing the beautiful connection with Amy North (Spirit Guide & Twin Flame), they work together to inspire people to connect with their guides, walk their higher path to avoid the karmic “fate” and trauma. He assists with activating people and helping them to connect to their higher calling.Together, they assist people with connections to their guides by building bridges to the guides and embedding them, along with the Akashic Records & life paths into crystals. This allows the incarnate & guide to have a physical connection.
Steven plays with crystal frequencies in a similar manner that a musician plays an instrument or a poet plays with words, the magic of energy as music.Holding group sessions, workshops and individual sessions both online & in Perth. Steven is a consummate professional in the industry and welcomes you to join the journey.

“Since I have had the activation of my “Microphone to the Universe” Crystal done by Steven North, I am finding it much easier to quickly voice channel the words that come through me and am finding that it is a wonderful and magical experience, one that is filled with joy, wonder and delight! This crystal has the amazing ability to energise and help me acquire knowledge through a direct connection to the higher realms of Light and Truth….” With deepest love and gratitude, Marlene Swetlishoff, Author of “The Hilarion Connection©, Book One, Two & Three”

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