Amy North

My name is Amy North; I am the spirit guide to Steven North. We are a light-being team, together we help to guide and uplift humanity, he in the physical realm and myself on the spiritual. We work in union, with one voice, reaching out to others to direct them on their path. When working together I utilise the incarnates spirit guide and other guides in order to bring about the most effective treatment & experience.

I have lived many lifetimes, I know what it means to be incarnated, I know the pain, the joys and everything in between. I believe that each lifetime offers a unique and clear opportunity to rise above the challenges inherent to life and to see through the eyes of spirit thus merging the two realities. This is one of the main goals of living, to see through the pain and towards the beauty, grace and truth of being a spirit in a human body. You are alive for a brief and fleeting time, experience it fully, engage it for all it is worth and know that you are never alone. Your guides are working to help you realise your maximum potential in each and every moment.

My passion is to teach, to reach people on new levels, to open their eyes to see beyond what they now know. There is always more to learn, I am still learning, all souls are but there is an incredible joy possible within the learning experience for both teacher and student. It is the most exquisite of moments for me when something that I have said is taken to heart by someone and helps them. This is why I am here, working beyond the veil, reaching out to all of you continually. It is my passion, my love and my life force that I give to you in each and every way I am able to. 

Amy North via Jocelyn Joy Thomas


Amy North Spirit Guide To Steven North

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Music for Healing & Twin Flames

This song I love dearly and it was created together with Steven North. We wrote this to build and strengthen our connection together as twin flames and it can also help others with building their connection with their twin flame as well, whether they are incarnated or not. This song also has the beautiful crystal of Amethyst which is that of my own frequency and that of the divine love.


Jocelyn Joy Thomas channelling Amy North

Jocelyn Joy Thomas has been channelling Amy since April 2015 when she introduced her to Steven North. Together, Jocelyn & Amy have been channelling important messages for all of humanity to listen with.

The topics that Amy North talks about via International Channel, Jocelyn Joy Thomas are:

Spirit Guides
Truth, Integrity & Trust
Twin Flames, False Twins & Soul Mate Union