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Hi, I’m Steven North

The Ascended Masters have referred to me as many things over the years during my own development, they have used terms such as The Systems Expert, the Engineer, the Inspiration Consultant, the Activator, The Code, The Alchemist, the Crystal Harmoniser and the Creative Source for Consciousness.  I am the founder of the Heart Activation Music Therapy & Soul Re-Acclimatisation Therapy, I am the owner of Star Point 9 and West Australian Personal Computers, the twin flame and channel for the beautiful Amy North, the Ascended Masters, a scribe to Archangel Metatron and many other expressions of consciousness.

I have worked in many areas throughout my life to this date, ranging from working as a DJ, music journalist, Senior Financial Analyst, Fleet Management, CCTV in the Courts and the story here is only a snapshot into the enigma of who or what I am.

Steven North - Steven North - The Creative Source

I’ve always had a passion for computer systems and electronics. As a child, I grew up playing with electronic kits, breaking torches and my parents owned a computer system back in the days of Monochrome screens which introduced me to the world of computers. Throughout my schooling years, I grew up knowing how to use them and continuously expanded on teaching myself how to do things. I have done a few college classes on database programming and learning to write code. This was for the purpose of learning more about writing code.

I ran my own hobby business titled ‘West Australian Personal Computers‘ which saw myself become a CompTIA A+ Computer Technician, Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). During this time, I was undergoing treatment for ADD/ADHD which saw myself research into the brain and the human mind. I wanted a better life than one that was dependent on medication and began applying the understanding of what I knew of computers to the coding of the human mind. More about this will be written in the book “Walking with Amy – A life transformation”

It wasn’t until 2014/2015 that I discovered that all of this research, training, development, curiosity would lead to the creation of the Heart Activation Music, the coding of crystals in sound.

Let us explore more about how the journey all unfolded!


Ranging from customer service, working in state government, studying electronics, building computer systems, database systems, fleet management, music production, event organising, DJ and much more.
  • Provides practical guidance & advice.
  • Enthusiastic & Information rich workshops.
  • Keynote speaker for Connecting with Spirit.
  • Founder of the Heart Activation Music Therapy.
  • Founder of the Soul Re-Acclimatisation Therapy.









Channelled Readings

The following extracts come from various readings that have been obtained through Joy from Joy’s Readings as Steven and Joy have been working together for the past few months and Joy has been and continues to be a key person to Steven’s growth with the introduction of Amy (his Twin Flame & Spirit Guide) along with meeting many beautiful people such as Rebecca Dawson, Meline Lafont (Her Bio), Susan Ashley whom have all played a role in his personal & spiritual growth along with many others.

Your individual life purpose is as an activator, and I am getting that you are going to use this same purpose on two levels and that it will act as your secondary life purpose as well. The first level, or at the individual level, this is where you are activating ideas, projects, making things simple, making them work better for yourself and the people around you. So, family, friends co-workers that sort of thing. Your mind works to solve problems and most of all to think in new and original ways. Activators can work in careers that allow them to bring inspiration, fresh outlooks, creativity and motivation. Jobs might be anything from architecture, design, anything in media, graphic arts, creative fields such art, photography, music, theatre. It’s a rather broad life purpose really. Some more career fields, politics, teaching, counselling, first responders, firefighters and police. This is the type of life purpose that calls for action, quick thinking, problem solving and courage. You may not work in any of these fields, you could work in an office for example and these qualities will still come out, you will be the one who inspires, activating people into new areas of their lives on a larger scale and on a smaller one helping them with little problems. Solving the mundane matters of life is just as important as the weighty more esoteric ones especially when it helps someone out.

Now, when this life purpose goes onto the higher level and we look at it from a world view the activation that you are meant to do is more around inspiration of ideals, teaching people to broaden their viewpoints, their experiences and their minds. Pushing them to their limits, sometimes the activator is asked to test the outer limits to push people into areas that they may feel discomfort to inhabit but which in the end is the right thing for them. Careers and activities in this higher expression of activator are more along the lines of life coaching, counselling, teaching, mentoring, spiritual advising, anything where people come to you and say show me how. This is where you step in and feel it out and instinctively know where to push and where to be gentle. Sometimes all it takes is to listen because often people will tell you themselves and you will learn how to read this like a master.
We know that you are an Activator so let’s expand on this some more. Amy says you chose this life purpose because you wanted to get people passionate about their life purposes. You wanted to try to avoid what happens to the people you work with on the other side, the ones that come back disappointed and even traumatised by their lives. When you activate someone you are helping them to get on their higher path and this means they can actually avoid some of the karmic “fate” that they may have encountered on their lower path thus, avoiding trauma. This is why you were so passionate about this particular life purpose you saw it as a direct link to your work on the other side and most importantly a way to help people avoid unnecessary pain. It almost feels like an experiment on your part to see if you were able to help people and how many people. If it does then you plan on training others and encouraging them to pick similar life purposes in order to help people recognise their higher paths. This was another reason you were so inclined to return here even though Amy was not ready, this lifetime for you is more about helping people and your souls work rather than anything personal. Not that you don’t have your personal issues we all do but these are not the focus of your incarnation. It is as if you belong to everyone, as many people with higher callings there is a feeling of living our life for others and being in service to them more than your own agenda.

You came here to work with people to help activate them, to awaken them to their life purpose and higher calling. Some people it will be simply a nudge in the right direction and their life purpose will not have a higher calling. Others it will be more complex as their life purposes are part of a higher calling and this can often entail leaving relationships, jobs, even moving to new locations, going back to school or getting new training and becoming more spiritual these types of things may need to happen in order to satisfy their life purpose and higher calling. You as the activator will know when to push and what to suggest and also when it is best just to listen. No matter if you do this in a professional setting or you do this outside of your career the universe will send you people that need your help
There is a lot of information I have waiting for you, once you have decided to come forward with your work a bit more. The Akashic Records await. There is much that you can learn there, or as I said before remember. Why this is all available to you is due to our connection, or I should say the work that you have done for me in the past, in another lifetime, where you were my student and I taught you many things, in the Akashic and in Atlantis. This should all seem rather familiar to you I would think, I was as I am now, and you channelled me and wrote great volumes of books about the things that I taught you. About multi universes, star travel, past lives, time travel and the like. This is why I say it is what you will remember because I have taught it all to you before.

You will be directed through your Spirit Guide (Amy North) to new ways, and she will help open up new worlds for you. This is something you have activated, a soul contract that you have realised with her. It is not new to you as you have done it before but it is new in the sense that you have not done it in this way before, in these times. Reaching out to people and teaching them how to communicate with spirit, how they have guides that can assist them, where they come from, where they have been, how to heal through various methods like your music and crystal work. Something so basic as a talk can help to open minds. All of this you do with your guide and she directs much on her side of things as well. She talks to people's Spirit Guidess and they bring them to you, this happens very often. I am not on the level that she is, a more direct one to incarnates, but I travel there in my work from time to time and I can tell you that it is one that is very dense almost as is earth. The work she does takes a toll on her, yet she is so dedicated and wants to help make a change so it is well worth it. Remember this carries on to your next lifetime and it is important you keep up the work in this lifetime and do as much as you can to prepare for the next.
I have been a guide of yours for many incarnations. This is why you feel me strongly; it has not been just one life, but many. I have been with you in between lifetimes as well. I have also been with you during lifetimes you spent on other planets. Yours is a varied past and I have been witness to much of it!

I am presently available to help you with your life purpose and to help you align with this. I can help with attuning not only you but others to the right vibration to bring in their life purpose and to place them firmly on the spiritual path. I can also help you with techniques (through inspiration) that develop healing energies in the person’s auric field that allow for cleanings, renewal, release and purification.

I like to help healers and crystal workers in particular because the vibrations are attuned to my own. Many people go to Archangel Raphael for healings and they should he is good at what he does yet I work with emotional healing as well. I will help to clear your blocks or anything that stands in the way of the person getting to a vibration that will match the frequency of their life purpose.

This work is very sacred to me, I want for everyone to achieve their goals for their incarnation, I work with many lightworkers and crystals healers to make sure this happens.

This is why I was present when you had your removal session, to help you to be free of the old programming and to enlighten your present body to what it has potential in. This was part of an old assignment carried over from one of your past incarnations that I was assigned to help you with.

I will enter your body during healing sessions occasionally if it is to help the person receiving the healing for me to do so. I will also do it at times if I work with the healer, but only when it is needed. I can cleanse much by doing so but it is only when the person receiving me is ready that it can really be used to the maximum healing potential.

I can help you with your channelling work, I am happy to. You can use this ability in many ways. You can help others by answering questions for them. You can set up crystal grids with Amy’s inspiration and you can offer healing therapies through music. There are more ways really countless ways that you can help through your connection with Amy. I can stand by as you do all of this. Just call me in before a session and I will come and join in. Imagine me just in front of you or behind you as you prefer. I will seal the way so that no other comes in. Also wearing a grounding stone or holding one during a session can help you stay connected. I like Onyx for this purpose. The important thing to remember when doing channelling work is that you clear your own mind and allow for the messages to come in a steady flow. The more you allow for this flow without questioning what is coming in, the more information can come in. It is like turning on a faucet and each time your mind gets in the way it’s as if you turned off the water. Don’t do that, let the water stay on, increase the flow even. This is how you channel. Also, the right people will come to help build your skill, don’t worry about that. Practice before you do this with people but there will not be much need as you have done this before in past lifetimes and can remember it quite quickly in this one as a result.

I talked a little about when and where I knew you in the past, as a guide. There have been lifetimes where you have called to work with me as well. Calling on me to heal, cleanse, purify, renew, revive, see, protect and so forth. We can do this once more if you so choose. It can be Amy and I as well that you work with. I am able to bring about a lot of energy to a situation or a person. I can bring in protection swiftly as well.

Yes, I am with you, Apollo is too, the funny thing about names, a lot of them are given to the same source, more or less we are talking about one energy and many different names throughout various cultures. It is what you are most comfortable with when it comes to names. You can see then with Apollo, and I that the energy is one of great strength, a warrior energy, honour, valour, creation is at the mercy of these types of strengths but always there is gentleness, patience and a keen awareness of exactly what is needed. This is the strength that lies in the holy paternal which is meant to be coupled with the holy maternal. If you can embody this energy you can then merge it with Amy and become balanced. Another way of saying it is yin and the yang, the two parts become whole, one, complete.
Each person contains the two parts but in the incarnated body (and Amy represents this as she was once incarnated) you represent the two halves made whole. That is why the twin flame union, that is why the urge for finding a partner. It is about evolution, not procreation but evolution there’s a big difference. This means to move forward from the broken splintered parts of the self and to make them one again, through spiritual union with another. The other is needed because they hold open a space for you to do this work in. They see you as the whole and in that reflection, you can become so.

Finally, work on being present in your body and noticing its rhythms this is important when you are doing channelling work. To know this is the way my body feels, and this is the way it doesn’t that will help you to know when you are successfully engaging in Amy’s field and not your own. There will always be your sense of self, that does not disappear but there will also be a sense of her as well.

I leave you with this, open up your spirit eyes, located in the crown, and allow for this to be activated and to spin. This will give you the best access into the other realms and to open yourself for channel work.
Tara is from the Buddhist tradition, she is a bodhisattva, a being who has agreed to help other beings achieve enlightenment. She continues to help us until the last of us has reached a pure land. Tara is like Mother Mary, she has compassion, heals, protects and watches over us. She comes in various colours red represents accomplishments in the world, getting things done, power. Tara says…

A long time ago in a past lifetime you were devout to me, and so I have come back to you in each lifetime, devout to you. I teach of compassion, holding your fellow beings as sacred, knowing that you are all one and the same. Life is precious do not waste any time in anger, let go of this, allow for peace to fill your being. This will bring to you more accomplishments, more good things, more positive feelings and most of all inner harmony. Life is what you believe it is, if you see only suffering then this is what you will experience. There is always suffering everyone goes through it but you can transform that suffering. Then, you can help others when they are suffering. This is what you must do, lift yourself up to a higher level so that you can in turn lift others.

You already do this and you already teach this in a way. In time you will become more aware of this and do it more frequently. For now, observe yourself and watch how you interact with others. What are your thoughts about them? What are your thoughts about yourself? Spend some time reflecting on the state of your being.

Meditate on this.

Meditate on the stillness. Find stillness in your breath. Relax into the breath and let go. There is no need for thoughts in stillness, thoughts chase it away. When thoughts arise let them go, letting go is your lesson now.

Peace fills your heart when you have let go. Peace is your natural state.

Let all else go.

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