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Purchases & Refunds

We use PayPal for the great and wonderful security that it offers for both the buyer and the seller.

When making the purchase via PayPal, the payment will go to the 'Star Point 9' account.
We utilise Australia Post for the shipping of physical products. Shipping costs are based on what it costs us to ship the product to you based on current Australia Post rates & fees.
The utility that we use to calculate our postal charges provides you with a variety of different options to select from when making your purchase and that is how we will ship the product to you.

Zip File Support for Heart Activation Music Albums

The digital music albums are downloadable via 'Zip' file. A Zip file is a computer file whose contents have been compressed for storage.

When you receive these files, you will need a utility to extract this files. Microsoft & Apple Macintosh come with a built-in archive utility and that should be suffice for the extraction of the music files.

We use programs such as WinRar (not free) or 7zip (free) to archive the files into zip format so that it is easier to download. However, these may not necessarily work as we have encountered with the Apple Macintosh system and have found some YouTube videos that can assist as there is a form of issue with secure zip files with Macintosh.

If you receive the "Unable to Expand Zip File - ERROR 2" there is a walk through on how to get this to work using the command line utility. CLICK HERE to view the guide.

If there are issues with any of the downloads, please contact us.

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