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Hi, I’m Jocelyn Joy Thomas, I am an intuitive empath, reader and blogger. My field is spiritual guidance, I work with you to bring clarity in matters of love, career, family, and in making decisions. As well as in the areas of past lifetimes (Akashic Records), in between lifetimes, life purposes, life lessons, soul contracts and the incredible bond of soul mate love.

I'm also the voice for the beloved Amy North whom is the Spirit Guide & Twin Flame to Steven North. I enjoy channelling Amy North and sharing her amazing teachings. I also offer channel sessions with Amy North on my store.

I enjoy helping people with their problems, helping them align with their destiny and bringing in pertinent guidance. Using my empathic intuitive abilities I have created a method in which I can help people every day through readings, writing, meditations and courses. I have struggled in my own life with a difficult childhood, I’ve been through a divorce and many disappointments in life. Through all of that I learned that once we gain a higher understanding of what we have gone through, the lessons and innate wisdom of the experiences, we can heal. It is through our connection with spirit that we gain our strength to not merely endure life’s difficulties but to transform from them. I know what it is like to go through heartache, loss, depression, illness, abandonment, fear, anxiety, my life’s work is to help others who face these same struggles by using the abilities I have to aid you in your spiritual journey. Transformation happens from within, it is when we finally let go of what has been holding us down, and we accept change, that’s when the magic can happen.

My readings are a direct line for you to guides, angels, deities and higher realms. I have readings designed to help with all areas of life. In my shop you will find sections on the following:

  • General Readings these are one to three question readings.
  • Love, I offer many variations of love readings, twin flames, what is he/she thinking/feeling, love triangles, relationship purpose and much more.
  • Akashic Past/Lives, find out your past lives, or those you have had with a romantic partner, a friend or a family member and more.
  • Channelled, readings for guidance directly from the angels and a select few Ascended Masters.
  • Life Direction, life purpose, life lessons, life mission, find out what you came here to do and how to get on the path your soul intended.
  • I also offer Mini readings, great for a quick look into a matter, Pet readings as well as meditations and eBooks.


Jocelyn Joy Thomas

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